Is There such a Thing as “Healthy” or “Helpful” Procrastination?

We all know procrastination is bad for us, but is it possible that there can be such a thing as “healthy” or “helpful” procrastination? According to Darren Hardy, the answer is yes!

How Can Procrastination Be Beneficial?

Hardy believes that procrastinating in certain areas of your life and work can help you stay focused on the things that truly matter. For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed by a project – taking some time away and refocusing on other tasks can help clear your mind and give you more clarity when returning to the original task. This strategy also allows us to take regular breaks in between tasks which increases productivity when we return to them! Additionally, waiting until the last minute to complete certain projects forces us to creatively problem-solve in order to succeed – an incredibly valuable skill when attempting difficult objectives.

What Are Some Healthy Rules for Procrastinating?

While procrastinating in certain areas can be beneficial, it is important to set healthy rules for yourself so that it does not become detrimental. Always begin with setting goals for yourself and divide larger projects into manageable chunks. Additionally, set reasonable deadlines for each task and give yourself rewards after completing them. Finally, make sure to take breaks in between tasks so that you don’t burn out too quickly – something that will inevitably happen if one tries to finish too much at once!

By using this method responsibly, Hardy believes that procrastination can actually be helpful rather than harmful; allowing us to stay focused on what matters most while still giving ourselves some room for creativity and exploration in order to reach our ultimate goals!

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